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Welcome to Coach Basics! Let's get started!

Cheryl Meenagh and Andrea Otley are your hosts. They've put together the BEST of what they know to get new coaches started. Because ya know what? They were new coaches too, starting at ground zero, just like you...

Why should you listen to them and trust them?

Here's a little background - Cheryl and Andrea have both been coaches since 2012. They learned from the million dollar earners in our organization. From day one, they both committed to being coachable and doing whatever it takes to be successful.

They have both been fortunate enough to retire from their regular jobs to be full time Beachbody coaches. They've earned numerous trips and bonuses and love what they do! They are both Success Club Legends. You'll hear lots about Success Club from them. They are both 3* Diamonds and are oh so eager to help more of you earn the rank of Diamond (stepping stone for your business).

They have been success partners for over two years now and have developed an amazing bond and friendship. They compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses.

So that's a little about your leaders!

Here is a little housekeeping for you:

1. Join the Coach Basics Facebook Group to share your experience and ask questions.
2. Work your way through a lesson each day.
3. Commit to doing the lesson homework for each day.
4. Check out the helpful links and downloads in each lesson.
5. HAVE FUN :)