Define Your Personal Area of Fitness

 Watch the video below. Define your personal area of fitness and write down 2-3 stories explaining.
Example: I got motivated to begin my journey because I wanted to lose the flab and fit back into my "hot pants" and feel sexy again after I had Paxton. I've struggled with sugar addiction and sticking to my meal plan. I love working out, especially lifting weights. I need in home fitness because I live too far from the gym and don't like working out in front of people..

Identify Your Ideal Challenger

Watch the next video. Define your ideal Challenger. Male/female? How old? Where does she live? City/Country? Is she married? Does she have kids? Does she work? What are her hobbies? Where does she shop? What are her personal fitness struggles? What's holding her back? Where does she want to end up? What are her goals?

Take out a pen and paper and start writing! This is an important part to laying the foundation to your business! It'll make it easier to find "your" people and it'll help you stand out from the masses!!! xo

Let me know if you need help or have questions!