FREE - Healthy Habits for Healthy Horsewomen 21 Day Challenge


Want more focus and consistency in your life?

I’m excited to host the free 21-day Healthy Habits for Healthy Horsewomen Challenge because it will help you develop focus and consistency. The challenge will help you deliberately focus on one habit and one habit only. Do the one thing for 21 days and solidify the habit. It’s exciting to see how progress adds up to tremendous results over time.

The Compound Effect

It blows my mind, thinking how my focus and consistency contributed to earning over $22,000 in prize money, two saddles, 11 buckles, a national title and more cool prizes than I can list, showing Hook in the NRCHA in 2018.

Everyone always tells me, “Congratulations on your hard work!” Yes, I agree it takes hard work, really hard work. But the SECRET to my success is executing simple, maybe only 5-6 things TOPS, every single day. Consistently and focus. It’s called the compound effect, and it adds up to tremendous results.

Let me tell you, my friends, if you can nail the focus and consistency piece, and you LOVE what you do, then you don’t notice the hard work. The hard work is more of a by-product. Sounds crazy, huh?

Make it fun with a Horse-Women-Only Accountability Challenge

I love fitness and accountability challenges. I’ve been hosting them for years. This time, I’m making some exciting and fun changes.

  • This is a free challenge

  • Won’t disrupt your life

  • More personalized for you

  • Fun and motivating

  • Great way to connect with like-minded horsewomen who care about looking great and feeling even better.

How to do this challenge:

  1. Get signed up.

  2. Immediately after you confirm your subscription, I’ll send you the downloads.

  3. Take the health assessment and learn what health and fitness areas need the most work.

  4. Use the free download to choose your healthy habit.

  5. Use the challenge tracking sheet to check off all 21 days.

Can you imagine how satisfying and accomplished you’ll feel to go through the 21-day challenge and see all your days checked off? So if you have trouble sticking to something, or focusing on one thing at a time, this challenge is for you!

Get signed up for the challenge. It’s totally free. If you have any questions, email me. I’ll be happy to answer them for you.