Income seldom exceeds personal development.
— Jim Rohn

Personal development is one of the most important vital behaviors and should not be skipped. Taking 30 minutes a day (or 10 pages) to invest in your personal growth is extremely important not only to grow your business, but also yourself.

Flexing those mental muscles and always being a student is an important piece for an entrepreneur. Who wouldn't want to keep bettering themselves?

There are several forms of personal development you can do each day and many are even free. This time you spend with yourself each day will be invaluable for years to come.

Watch this video to learn why personal development is so important.

You need two types of Personal Development to rock this business! 

  1. Business growth
  2. Spiritual/Emotional growth

Here are a list of books to help you get started.


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  2. Share with the Facebook Group what personal development you are currently using or plan to get.