A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot!
— Joe Vitale

Success Club! THE "no matter what" goal.

Cheryl and Andrea are pretty much lifestyle polar opposites. Andrea is a country-girl-tom-boy, Cheryl is much more lady like LOL...Cheryl is great at teaching step by step process, Andrea kicks in some motivation and help with getting some creativity going...BUUUUUT THE ONE THING they absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, see exactly the same is how stinkin' important it is to be earning Success Club!! Are you "in" for making it your no-matter-what goal?

success club cb.jpg

Because no one explains Success Club better, please watch this short 3 minute video from coach Caleb.


Becoming an Emerald coach is your first step to leadership and building an organization of like minded people.

By becoming an Emerald coach AND achieving Success Club each month you become eligible for FREE customer leads from Team Beachbody. This is an invaluable way of growing your network with customers assigned to you to become challengers and even perhaps future coaches.

As a new coach you have a very generous opportunity to earn a free tick to our annual Coach Summit event held each summer. It's like a mega conference in the Beachbody world. The Success Starters program should be on your goal list to achieve in your first 3 months of business

Watch Cheryl's video to get a great, practical understanding of how becoming Emerald and earning Success Club will help you grow your business.


Before the leadership ladder came out we focused on earning success club and advancing in rank. It was an okay business building model...but it was missing pieces. 

The awesome folks at Beachbody studied and interviewed the top 6 figure earners to see how they were running their businesses. Person after person kept telling them the same things over and over. That's how they created the Leadership Ladder. They took the things those rockstar coaches were doing and created a business model for the rest of us to follow. 

Remember, success leaves clues. To kick butt as network marketers, all we need to do is figure out what the successful people are doing and start doing it too!



  1. Watch the two videos in this lesson and share your take-aways in the Coach Basics Facebook Group.
  2. Set your goals as a new coach: 1. Earn Success Club each month of your first 3 full months as a coach. 2. Become Emerald within 2 weeks to 30 days of starting your coaching business.