5-Minute Leg & Butt Workout For Horse Riders

5-Minute Leg & Butt Workout For Horse Riders

Short on time? Try these four simple moves to tone, strengthen and tighten the legs and butt before your next ride. You don't need any equipment and you can do them at home or at the barn.


Here are the moves to work your legs and butt:

EXERCISE #1 - Squat - 10 reps. Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Your toes should be facing forward and your chest lifted up. Sit back like you are about to side in a chair, weight in your heels. Make sure your knees are behind your toes to prevent injury. Tighten your buttocks at the top of the squat.

EXERCISE #2 - Squat with a pulse - 20 reps. Start standing with your feet hip-width apart. Perform a squat and hold it at the bottom as you pulse a few inches up and down.  

EXERCISE #3 - Squat with arms up - 10 reps. Repeat the same form from Exercise #1 but lift your arms in the air. Keep your chest lifted and feel the burn!

EXERCISE #4 - Squat jump with arms up - 10 reps. Repeat Exercise #3 and add a jump. Make sure to land softly to protect your knees. 

Repeat as many times as you'd like for a calorie torching, fat melting complete leg and butt workout.

Watch this short video for a demo of each move.

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