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Want to make getting on your horse easier? Here’s how...

Get on your horse easier in 5 simple steps.

Is the fear of not being able to get on your horse holding you back from enjoying time in the saddle? You really want to get back to riding your horse regularly, but you dread it because you struggle to get on. What if you focused on getting in better shape to make getting on easier?

Today I want to go over five simple steps to make getting on your horse more enjoyable.

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How To Get In Shape To Ride - My Fitness Routine Revealed

Summer is around the corner. Many horsewomen are motivated to shed some pounds and get in shape to ride their horses. Motivation is only the first step. What is the second step? Coming up with a fitness routine that fits our busy schedules and compliments our lives instead of competes with them.

Now, I workout regularly. But I didn’t use to workout at all. My love of exercise has evolved over the years. Today, I want to share my fitness routine so you can get ideas and inspiration. In no time, you can create a love of fitness and the habit of working out.

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Free Healthy Habits For Healthy Horsewomen 21 Day Challenge Starts Soon!

What’s the secret to my horse show success?

I seriously contribute most of my success in showing Hook (TI SMOKUM PLAIN CHIC) to developing strong, healthy habits. I think the difference between people who do well and those who don’t, is focus and consistency. If you want to stay consistent, you can't make things too complicated or hard to follow. It has to be something that is doable, daily.

I created the Healthy Habits for Healthy Horsewomen 21-Day Challenge to help horsewomen like me get focused and consistent so they can enjoy success with their horses. Sign up today. It’s free!

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[Clean Week] Fitness Program Review, With The Horse Rider In Mind

I tested Clean Week in February 2018, as a way to get back to working out again. I had a nasty cold for a few weeks and hadn’t worked out. I wanted to try a workout program intended to help people kickstart their fitness. I was curious to learn more about the new Beachbody trainer, Megan Davies, and to see what her training style was like. I wanted to know if Clean Week would be a good fit for our Cowgirl Up Fitness Community as a way to help them get started.

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[A Little Obsessed] Fitness Program Review, With The Horse Rider In Mind

[A Little Obsessed] Fitness Program Review, With The Horse Rider In Mind

I tested A Little Obsessed in February, 2018, for two weeks to see if I’d like it, to see how hard it’d be and to get a feel for the fitness style. I also wanted to get ready for the full version. I was curious to see how the resistance loops and strength slides might improve my horse riding.

Prior to starting ALO, I was only doing short, low intensity workouts due to a nasty cold. I was not at my peek fitness level, by any means.


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Getting Fit To Ride - 9 Tips To Help You Look Forward To Working Out

Is “life” getting in the way of your exercise routine? Maybe you are trying to get your workouts in but you’re too busy right now. Maybe you’ll do it week….next month...Have you been there? I have! But now I workout consistently. So what changed for me? Let me share! Here are 9 tips to help you go from dreading your workouts to actually looking forward to them!

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15 Simple At Home Leg Strengthening Exercises For Horse Riders

Horse Rider Fitness Leg Strengthening Workout

Here are 15 leg exercises to make you a stronger rider. Horse riders need strong legs for balance, cueing, safety and an overall better ride. Strengthening your legs will boost your metabolism so you burn more calories.

I'm Andrea Otley and I'm a fitness and nutrition coach. I lost over 30 lbs and 3 sizes and got fit to ride my horse with confidence. Now I help other cowgirls do the same. 

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