[Clean Week] Fitness Program Review, With The Horse Rider In Mind

From February 12th to 18th, 2018, to I did Clean Week. Here is my review:

clean week review

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| What is Clean Week?

Clean Week is a free, seven-day program to be used as a fitness routine jumpstart. The program includes four workouts, a meal planner guide, recipes and an optional sample package of Shakeology. It is available on Beachbody On Demand. The workouts are 30 minutes long and include cardio, strength, core and flexibility. The fitness trainer is Megan Davies. This is her first fitness program with Beachbody.

| Equipment needed

Dumbbells (for the Strength workout only)

| When I tested it and why

I tested Clean Week in February 2018, as a way to get back to working out again. I had a nasty cold for a few weeks and hadn’t worked out. I wanted to try a workout program intended to help people kickstart their fitness. I was curious to learn more about the new Beachbody trainer, Megan Davies, and to see what her training style was like. I wanted to know if Clean Week would be a good fit for our Cowgirl Up Fitness Community as a way to help them get started.

| My results

Clean Week helped me get back to working out again. After only the first workout, my quads and glutes were very sore. The soreness lasted all week.

After doing Clean Week, I felt ready to jump back into my regular workout routine. I found my motivation again.

The program targeted the muscles used to make me a stronger, balanced rider. The functional moves focused on using and engaging the core.

Noteworthy - During my test of Clean Week, I used Energize and Shakeology. I stuck to the low carb, high-fat eating method I’ve been following since Christmas 2017 that’s helping me burn more fat. I did not follow the Clean Week Meal Plan.

| What are the daily workouts like?

Check out these clips of me doing Core Function, Cardio and Strength. I left the sound on so you can hear how Megan Davies cues the moves and helps you stay motivated. 

| Clean Week, Pros & Cons


good kickstart to fitness, nice to have the “intensifier” in case you need to make it harder, liked the functional movements that helped me engage my core and make me stronger for everyday life, liked Megan’s laid-back style and how she samples some of the moves from popular Beachbody programs, liked the Clean Week Quick Start Guide and the recipes in the Meal Planner


there are only three workouts that repeat twice, makes the second half of the week predictable, no shopping list in the Meal Planner so you have to make your own, the Meal Planner is a bit complex and time consuming, some ingredients are hard to find and not that clean for the emphasis being Clean Week.

| Conclusion

For my rating, I gave Clean Week 3.5 out of 5 stars.

It did its job to get me back to my normal fitness routine. After repeating the workouts twice in one week, it would not be a program I’d like to do again any time soon. I get bored with too much repetition and predictability.

I would recommend this program for horse riders as a way to kickstart their fitness. Megan does a great job of focusing on the current week and motivating you to take it one step at a time. 

This program would be okay for beginners to intermediate fitness levels who need a fitness jumpstart and want to see what Beachbody On Demand is like. The cardio, strength and flexibility workouts help you decide what type of exercise you like best. 

| How to get started

Clean Week is free on Beachbody On Demand, an online library of streamed & downloadable trainer-led fitness programs complete with workout calendars, tracking sheets and eating plans. No membership is required to do Clean Week.

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