[Shift Shop] Fitness Program Review, With The Horse Rider In Mind

From July 24th through August 13th, 2017, I used the Shift Shop fitness program from Beachbody to get in better shape for riding performance horses during show season. Here is my review:

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| What is the Shift Shop?

The Shift Shop is a 3-week fitness program for any age or fitness level. It is designed to increase in intensity and duration, gradually. During week 1, the workouts are 25 minutes, during week 2, they’re 35 minutes, and during week 3, they’re 45 minutes.

It comes with six cardio and strength workouts, two bonus workouts, jumpstart guide, nutrition guide, recipe booklet, and two rounds of workout calendars plus a hybrid calendar. Beginners can follow the modifier. The program can be streamed or downloaded on Beachbody on Demand or played on DVDs. The fitness trainer is Chris Downing, a functional fitness trainer hailing Canton, Ohio

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| Equipment needed

Agility markers

| When I tested it and why

I used the Shift Shop from July 24th to August 13th, 2017 because I wanted to challenge myself mentally and physically to help me reach my horse show goals. Looking good on my horse and in my show clothes, increasing my core strength and staying in position on my cow horse, especially going down the fence with a cow was at the top of the list. I also was looking for increased endurance and energy during the busy summer when we were always on the go.

| My results

After doing the Shift Shop for three weeks, I noticed my core was tighter than before. It helped me get in better shape to ride my performance horses. What I didn’t expect was the increased mental toughness I gained as a result of Chris Downing’s constant positive talk during the workouts. 

The Shift Shop helped me see I was stronger than I realized. I learned how to take the mentality of pushing hard to the end of a workout, into the rest of my day. I learned that getting in shape and living my best life ever wasn’t just about working out to lose weight.

I didn’t see the fat loss results from the nutrition plan I was hoping to achieve. I did notice improvement in core strength.

Shift Shop Before & After Photos - July - August 2017

Shift Shop Before & After Photos - July - August 2017

| How are the Shift Shop workouts?

Here's a look at the cardio moves. At the end, I share the pros & cons.

In this video, you'll see the strength moves. Plus, I sum up Week One.

| Shift Shop, Pros & Cons


loved alternating between cardio and strength training during the week, lots of moves to tighten and strengthen the core, realistic & doable workout calendar, inspiring trainer with an empowering story, workouts are quick, simple, effective


brand new exercisers or someone with back, knee or joint issues might struggle with the high impact cardio, dumbbell requirements make it challenging for people who travel or haven’t invested in their home gym yet, requires space to perform the moves, not enough stretching in warm up or cool down, nutrition plan didn’t work for me as I hoped

| Conclusion

For my rating, I give the Shift Shop workouts 4 out of 5 stars.

The Shift Shop is an excellent mix of cardio, strength, and core work. Over the three weeks, it offers a doable progression of improved fitness. 

Chris Downing made me think about how I was going to finish strong each day. He always reminded me I was getting better and improving. The Shift Shop continually pushed me outside my comfort zone, which I loved.

I added in separate stretching from the Yoga Studio to make sure I avoided injury and reduced soreness during the three weeks.

I recommend this program for horse riders who need to improve coordination, athleticism and agility. We expect our horses to be athletes. We should be too.  

Horse riders looking to challenge and improve themselves mentally and take things to the next level will benefit from the Shift Shop. Horse riders who prefer a trainer who is high energy, encouraging and motivating, will enjoy this program. It’s perfect for people wanting to improve core strength and learn to fuel their bodies for fitness.

| How to get started

Stream or download the Shift Shop using Beachbody on Demand, an online library of streamed & downloadable trainer-led fitness programs complete with workout calendars, tracking sheets and eating plans. You can also purchase the Shift Shop DVDs. 

| Additional Shift Shop Resources:

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