[A Little Obsessed] Fitness Program Review, With The Horse Rider In Mind

In February 2018, I tested A Little Obsessed for two weeks. Here is my review:

a little obsessed review

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| What is A Little Obsessed?

A Little Obsessed is a five day workout program to get you ready for 80 Day Obsession. The workouts are a shorter, easier version of 80DO and include a five day meal plan and calendar. It became available in December 2017 on Beachbody On Demand. The workouts are a mix of whole body strengthening, toning and cardio, specifically targeting the core, booty and legs. The fitness trainer is Autumn Calabrese.

| Equipment needed

| When I tested it and why

I tested A Little Obsessed in February, 2018, for two weeks to see if I’d like it, to see how hard it’d be and to get a feel for the fitness style. I also wanted to get ready for the full version. I was curious to see how the resistance loops and strength slides might improve my horse riding.

Prior to starting ALO, I was only doing short, low intensity workouts due to a nasty cold. I was not at my peek fitness level, by any means.

| My results

A Little Obsessed helped me get stronger, especially in the core, glutes and hamstrings which definitely helped my riding. I felt familiarized with the routines, equipment and was ready for 80DO.

My glutes and hamstrings were very sore by the end of the first week. The soreness was gone by the second week.

Since the program is only five days, I didn’t take before or after pictures or record measurements.

I repeated A Little Obsessed for another week to be ready for 80DO but I don't think this is entirely necessary.

The workout definitely targets the muscles used to make me a stronger, balanced rider. After I did A Little Obsessed, I showed Hook in the Non Pro Bridle at the Winnemucca Stock Horse Challenge. The cow ran hard during our fence work, Hook rated like a champ and I used every muscle fiber to stay on.

Winnemucca Stock Horse Challenge 2018. We won the Non Pro Bridle with a reining score of 72 and a cow work score of 73.

Winnemucca Stock Horse Challenge 2018. We won the Non Pro Bridle with a reining score of 72 and a cow work score of 73.

Noteworthy - During my test of A Little Obsessed, I used Energize and Shakeology. I did not use the eating plan because the colored container system does not work for me.

| What are the daily workouts like?

Check out these clips of me doing Total Body Core, Booty, Cardio Core, AAA and Legs. I left the sound on so you can hear some of the things Autumn says. 

| A Little Obsessed, Pros & Cons


good variety, laid back and fun cast, great core and booty toning, Autumn does a good job cueing moves, enforcing proper form and sharing motivation, I liked the cast, they were funny and kept it real, made me feel like I was working out with them


loops were hard to put on, kept rolling and slipping which was frustrating, workouts took me longer than half an hour, needed to push pause to keep up, felt rushed, too fast for me, little focus on stretching or cool down

| Conclusion

For my rating, I give A Little Obsessed 4 out of 5 stars.

It did its job to get me ready for 80 Day Obsession. The foam roller is a good idea to help with muscle soreness. The fast pace and resistance loops were frustrating at first. It all got easier with practice.

I would recommend this program for horse riders as a way to jumpstart their fitness. It will strengthen the core and tone and tighten the lower body. There is enough plank work to challenge the entire core & improve balance. 

This program would be okay for beginners to intermediate fitness levels who've used at-home-trainer-led fitness in the past. Video workout newbies might feel overwhelmed but I could be wrong. There’s a good variety and mix of toning, cardio and strength training.

| How to get started

You can repeat A Little Obsessed as many times you need to get in shape. Use A Little Obsessed to get ready for 80 Day Obsession like I did, use it as a way to jumpstart a new workout habit, or use it as a stand alone program during the Cowgirl Up Fitness Challenge.

The only way to get A Little Obsessed is through Beachbody On Demand, an online library of streamed & downloadable trainer-led fitness programs complete with workout calendars, tracking sheets and eating plans. Learn more here:

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I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried ALO yet? How did you like it? Share your experience with me in the comments!